Wednesday, 6 July 2016

ZERO: Origins

JS Collyer, Zero (Nottingham, 2014).

Every action hero needs an origin story to explain his:

powers or abilities;
any other details.

See here and here.

In Zero, the Service made a "'...youth unit...'" an offer they couldn't refuse. In return, the Service got:

"'...a young, nameless orphan with intelligence and potential.'" (p. 167)

Thus, later, Ezekial Webb, wound up as commander of the Zero. His first name reflects the dominant religion in the Lunar 1 colony and his surname is that of the founder of the colony transferred to many of its orphans.

Webb says:

"'The Zero is all I've ever had. It's who I am.'" (p. 112)

Another character describes him as bought, programmed and owned by the Service. (p. 168) This is an understated origin story.

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