Wednesday, 6 July 2016

ZERO: Origins

JS Collyer, Zero (Nottingham, 2014).

Every action hero needs an origin story to explain his:

powers or abilities;
any other details.

See here and here.

In Zero, the Service made a "'...youth unit...'" an offer they couldn't refuse. In return, the Service got:

"'...a young, nameless orphan with intelligence and potential.'" (p. 167)

Thus, later, Ezekial Webb, wound up as commander of the Zero. His first name reflects the dominant religion in the Lunar 1 colony and his surname is that of the founder of the colony transferred to many of its orphans.

Webb says:

"'The Zero is all I've ever had. It's who I am.'" (p. 112)

Another character describes him as bought, programmed and owned by the Service. (p. 168) This is an understated origin story.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Zero Versus The Splinters II

Does the Zero crew mount dangerous operations with insufficient planning and backup? They seem to.

(i) Captain Hugo, operating unaccompanied inside a Splinter stronghold, is easily apprehended and has to be rescued by his insubordinate commander, Webb, who, if he had obeyed orders, would not have been there.

(ii) The team destroys not only the warehouse that had been their target but also the adjoining apartment block.

(iii) Sending the ship and the rest of its crew to safety, Hugo and Webb stay on Lunar 1 to "'...annihilate...'" (p. 153) the Splinters but without a plan and arming themselves only with weapons bought from illegal dealers.

(iv) Their intelligence gathering consists of going to a bar to meet someone who has fenced for the Splinters before.

(v) In the bar, they are in danger of being spotted and recognized by the man they are after.

This sounds a bit disorganized to me.