Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Zero Versus The Splinters

JS Collyer, Zero (Nottingham, 2014).

The Zero is docked on the space colony, Lunar 1. Crew members spy on a warehouse and conclude:

"'The warehouse is a Splinter stronghold...'" (p. 132)


three simultaneous night patrols armed with Haven-made AG19s;

cameras and motion-sensors around entrances and exits;

foot traffic, none of it civilian, between the warehouse and the apartment block next door;

the top apartments seem to be civilian residences but probably to protect the warehouse from attack.

Further, the names and credit codes used to secure the warehouse and apartments show that the same group also controls at least a dozen other buildings and depots. The warehouse is big enough to contain a large stockpile of weapons.

The Zero's move: "' an isolated blast that'll take out the whole building...'" (p. 134)

Not alert the authorities to raid the warehouse and arrest its owners?

This reminds me of The Man From UNCLE. UNCLE learns that an overtly legitimate business is really a THRUSH stronghold. Therefore, UNCLE agents covertly sabotage the stronghold without informing or involving the local police. A vast secret war is waged in the background. We will learn who the Splinters are and the significance of "Haven" when we need to.

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